5 Amazing Mind Secrets

Do You Know These 5 Amazing Mind Secrets?

Neuroscience Confirms that your Subconscious Mind
Controls your Reality.
Learning & Understanding how our minds are working and
operating can be beneficial & Life Changing for most of us.

Below This post, you’ll Discover & Learn
these Amazing Mind Secrets:
1. The Driver of Our Behaviours is The Mind
2. Self Image Meaning
3. Achieve Better Awareness with Meditation
4. Keep Your Memory Storage Sharp
5. How to Plant Faith in Your Mind

It’s Important to Know That:

First, words have Special Power at deep levels of mind.
Second, the mind has much Firmer Command
over the body than it is given credit for.

A thought is a mental act that allows humans
to make sense of things in the world, and to represent and
interpret them in ways that are significant, or
correspond with their needs, attachments,
goals, commitments, plans, ends, desires, etc.

Note: Your Thoughts Are Not Always Facts!

“We believe we’re seeing the world just fine until
it’s called to our attention that we’re not” – David Eagleman

So Let’s Dive in:

1. The Driver of Our Behaviours is The Mind

The mind is frequently synonymous with thought.
The private conversation with ourselves that we
carry on “inside our heads.
Thus we “make up our minds” “change our minds” or
are “of two minds” about something.

Negative Thinking Negative Life

The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including perception,
thinking, judgment, language, and memory.
It is usually defined as the faculty of individual thoughts,
consciousness, and mental processes.

How It Drives Our Behaviors?

If you stop and take a close look at your daily life,
you will be amazed at how many decisions you actually
make automatically throughout the day.

When it comes to our behavior from moment to moment,
the big question is, What to do next?

“We’re finding that we have these unconscious behavioral
guidance systems that are continually suggesting
through the day about what to do next
and the brain is considering and often acting on those,
all before conscious awareness.”
-John A. Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale.

Feed Your Mind Constantly

The scientists show that most of our decisions, actions,
emotions and behavior depend on the 95% of brain activity
that is beyond our conscious awareness,
which means that 95% of our life comes
from the programming in our subconscious mind.

After reading the above paragraphs
you might think “This cannot be True!

Well simply think of it this way:
For example, you open up Instagram and watch
all these people who you think are
better than you, richer than you, have better clothes or cars
then you, visiting amazing places etc.

After you finish automatically scrolling & seeing
different stuff suddenly you might experience:
First, you experience negative thoughts
(I am Loser, I’m worthless, Desire for Money,
Shame for not achieving enough etc)
which you might not be aware of at the moment.

Second, your thoughts create your emotion
( feeling depressed, lazy, unsatisfied) and finally,
this creates your mood and behavior for the day!

So this is automatically, you didn’t do anything bad
or negative this day, but you feel bad anyway.

-Prime yourself –

Feed your mind
things, facts, Information that interest you,
that you will have the benefit of knowing and
Intervene in yourself if you notice that your behavior
is not appropriate for your standards and try to
be consciously aware of the small automatic
negative things you do daily!

If someone is throwing garbage into your house
you will fight with that person,
but if someone is throwing garbage into
your mind you will not fight with him.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.
Our life is the creation of our mind.” Said, Buddha.

2.Self Image Meaning

The amazing mind secret here is this:
To really “live” and to find life
reasonably satisfying, you must have an adequate
and a realistic self-image that you can live with.

As Maxwell Maltz wrote it:
” You must have a wholesome self-esteem.
Have a self that you can trust and believe in.
Strive to have a self that you are not ashamed to be.”

We judge ourselves, and measure ourselves,
not against our own norm, but against
some other individual’s rules.
When we do this, we always, without exception,
come out second best.

But because we think and believe and assume
that we should measure up to some other person’s “norm,”
we feel miserable and second-rate and conclude
that there is something wrong with us.

You must know yourself both your strengths
and your weaknesses and be honest
with yourself concerning both.
Your self-image must be a reasonable approximation of “you,”
being neither more than you are nor less than you are.

When your self-image is intact and secure, you feel good.
When it is threatened, you feel anxious and insecure.
When your self-image is adequate and one that
you can be wholesomely proud of, you feel self-confident.

Accept yourself

-What Are The Goals?

The goals that our own Creative Mechanism seeks to achieve
are mental images, or mental pictures,
which we create by the use of imagination.

The key goal-image is our self-image.
Our self-image prescribes the limits for
the accomplishment of any particular goals.
It prescribes the “area of the possible.”

Good Self Image can help us get answers to problems,
invent, write poetry, run a business, sell merchandise,
attain more peace of mind, develop a better personality,
or achieve success in any other activity
that is intimately tied into his living.

Start creating your best Self Image by
imagining, questioning & answering

  • What is the best version of me if I solve my most damaging problems?
  • Something that makes me unique is?
  • Something that my friends like about me is?
  • What does confidence mean to me?
  • When was a time in your life you were confident?
  • What did that feel like?

Your nervous system cannot tell the difference
between an imagined experience and a real experience.
Your nervous system reacts appropriately to what
you think or imagine to be true.

Practice this:
Psychologists have found that if you hold a pencil between
your teeth while you read something,
you’ll think the material is funnier.
That’s because the interpretation is influenced by
the smile on your face.
If you sit up straight instead of slouching, you’ll feel happier.
The brain assumes that if the mouth and spine are doing that,
it must be because of cheerfulness.

3. Achieve Better Awareness with Meditation

Meditation simply helps you channel drive
toward the few things that matter, rather than every
moving target and an imaginary opponent that pops up.

Meditate to control thoughts

A person cannot be in a relaxed state of mind and be
extremely anxious or conflicted at the same time.

With this amazing mind secret, you can dig deeper
and uncover what the true issues may be.
From there, you will feel the power to “re-program” your mind
and lead it in a direction that is more productive and
useful for your goals in life.

A number of experiments with Buddhist meditators
have shown that people can actually change
their brain structure (regardless of their age)
by creating new neural pathways just by conscious thinking.
The same research also shows that people
who meditate regularly have higher immunity
and lower blood pressure, among other health benefits.

So reflect on the things that are constantly in your mind.
What do you think about all the time?
Most people are either thinking about money, sex or power.
What are the wounds in your mind around which your thoughts revolve?
The thoughts to which your mind constantly
returns will be your basic weakness.

still mind

Start Meditation Today and even if it feels without effect,
stupid, uncomfortable, weird the first couple days,
don’t quit and go for 10minutes daily, 20 straight days.
If you’re not starting to feel better or see some benefit
after the first 20 days, feel free to quit doing it.

 4. Keep Your Memory storage sharp

 Serving as a kind of massive underground mental library,
your mind permanently stores all of your memories,
habits, behaviors, programming, deep-seated emotions,
and really everything that you have learned
and experienced up to this point in your life.

If the brain were a hard drive, it would have the capacity
to store up to 4000 Gb of information.

Memory is GIft

Below is some interesting research by Dr. Jose Silva,
who passed away in 1999 leaving great mind discoveries.

Jose Silva found that the brain is more energetic
when it was less active.
At lower frequencies, the brain received and stored more information.

So for lowering your frequencies, he invented a routine,
first tested on his children.

The routine is the following: Close your eyes and look upward,
behind your eyelids, at a 20-degree angle.
This position of the eyes alone will trigger
the brain to produce Alpha waves.
Stay in that position for about 2 minutes,
then repeat these sentences:
Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”
Negative thoughts, negative suggestions,
have no influence over me at any level of mind.

Now for the skeptics, this routine may not work for you.

I can tell from my experience that I’ve been doing
this amazing mind secret for 2 minutes daily for almost
2 years and has astonishing results on
my concentration, memory, mood & well-being.
It’s Free, it’s easy anybody can try it
and see the results themselves.

5. Plant Faith in Your Mind

The Subconscious Mind is a field of consciousness,
in which every impulse of thought that reaches
the objective mind through any of the five senses
is classified and recorded.
It receives, and stores, impressions or thoughts,
regardless of their nature.

Have Faith in yourself

You may Voluntarily plant in your mind any plan,
thought, or purpose which you desire to translate
into a physical equivalent.
The mind acts first on the dominating desires
which have been mixed with emotional feeling, such as faith.

[Excerpt from Think & Grow Rich]

Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created,
by affirmation or repeated instructions
to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion.
Faith is the only known antidote for Failure!

Faith for happy life

Everything which we create begins in the form of a thought impulse.
With the aid of the imagination and faith,
these impulses may be assembled into plans.

Focus on what you have – instead of focusing on what you are missing.
Faith and Fear cannot stand each other.
Where one is found, the other cannot exist.

Buddha described the mind as being filled with
drunken monkeys who jumped,
screeched and chatted endlessly.
Fear, according to Buddha, was an especially loud monkey.
Buddha taught meditation as a way to silence the
“drunken monkeys” in the mind.

If these Amazing Mind Secrets are Beneficial to You,
I will be more than happy if you
share with me how they helped you?
What other amazing mind secrets you might know that can help others?
What is the most interesting Information you
learned about the work of our minds?

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