Life is a cube

5 Important Lessons In Life

The one constant thing in our life is change.
We cannot avoid it and the more we resist change
the tougher our life becomes.

For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.
Change can come into our lives as a result of a crisis,
as a result of choice or by chance.

It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important lessons in life.
Busy schedules and regular routines
have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot.
When things aren’t going quite the way you’d like them to,
it’s often because you’ve lost focus on what really matters.

 1. Start Living A Well-Balanced Life

A well-balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness,
peace of mind and living with a feeling of satisfaction.
The challenge is to balance what we must do with what we enjoy & choose to do.

I’ve found out that the best CEO’s are always striving to find balance in their lives.
That’s what makes them great leaders and good people.

Balance Your Life
We have to deal with any areas that
are taking too much energy and put them in perspective,
align them so that we have energy available for all areas.

It’s important to understand that others cannot do this for us.
No one can think, breath, feel, see, experience, love for us.
How? What’s the first step?

To stop and assess how we’re doing.
To look at all the various aspects of our lives that we are constantly
juggling, constantly trying to keep in balance—marriage,
family, money, health, social circles,
spiritual development, mental growth.

We can start by knowing what our priorities are?
Not knowing what you want and trying to do everything
at once can be a recipe for disaster instead
of the road to leading a well-balanced life.

As the saying goes, “Do not bite off more than you can chew”.

2. Set Your Goals To Achieve Your Dreams

Setting goals puts you in the driver’s seat,
giving you the power to transform your life
or take a company into the future.Small Steps Big Rewards

Top-level athletes, successful business-people,
and High achievers in all fields, They all set goals for themselves.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and Motivation.
Remember it’s the small steps that you take
that create the momentum for change to happen in your life.
Writing down your goals is key to success.}

By writing down your goals, you become a creator.
Failure to write down your goals often
means you will forget them or won’t focus on them.
Have them written down where you can see them every day.

3. Experience The Joy Of
Reading & Learning

Reading books can be one of the most
important lessons in life because it develops the mind.
Each time you learn something new you gain
more knowledge and with more knowledge comes more confidence.

Reading books is a great way for us to learn.
To fully embrace the joy of learning,
never stop reading nor searching for more knowledge.True Thinkers read books

It’s no coincidence that the wealthiest men in the world,
people like Bil Gates, Warren Buffet,
Ray Dalio are reading 1-2 hours every day.

Some will say do these men really need to read books?
Well, it’s up to you to figure, but we all have
something to learn and improve ourselves in our lifetime.

4. Asking Better Questions?

Effective leaders ask questions instead of giving orders,
wrote Dale Carnegie in his iconic book How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Instead of thinking of questions as a sign of weakness,
we should consider questions to be a way
to open doors and start important conversations.

Asking the same questions, in the same way, will get you the same answers.

Asking lousy questions will get you lousy Answers.
It’s simple as that.

Always ask right questions

You must start asking the ultimate questions
. For example:
What’s your biggest dream in life?
What goals, including career goals,
have you set for your life?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? Why?

What’s holding you back from accomplishing your daily tasks?
What would be the 10 most motivating
words I could say to myself every morning?
What skill do I need to start developing?

5. Giving Back [Important Lesson]

Whether you donate money or time,
giving back is beneficial and not just for the recipients.
Besides feeling good about yourself
for doing something for others,
giving back is also good for your physical health.

always help others

Studies have shown a relationship between
volunteering and increased self-esteem,
with volunteers reporting both greater
personal empowerment and better health.

Doing for others may stimulate the release
of endorphins, which also improves nervous and
immune system functions, too.

The good feelings you experience when helping others
maybe just as important to your health as exercise and a healthy diet.

The smile of a child or thankful person that shows how appreciative
they are and by really making a difference in someone’s life will
empower you, and that’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Well here comes the quotes “I don’t have anything to give” or “What should I give
Sometimes just giving a small portion of your time, can make people happy.

Remember that if you didn’t give when you haven’t much,
You surely won’t give when you got plenty.

This post is not designed to help you make your business grow,
but it will help you grow as a human being and make a lot
of other people happy if you decide to take action on the advice here.

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it helps you to become better in your Life,
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