Consider this website as a place where you can find the knowledge,
tools & inspiration to expand your awareness and knowledge of yourself!

The aim of AwareIntellect.com is to provide practical advice,
guidance and effective strategies to assist people grow emotionally,
living a meaningful & fulfilling life.

To apply the psychology of personal growth and self-expression &
provide content that will have value for your own self-understanding.

To explore ancient wisdom so you'll be in best mental shape to thrive, advance & reach your goals towards having extraordinary life!

Every individual has unlimited potential to be successful,
to achieve set goals & function at constant growth.

Collective change and development can only occur through
individual change and development.

The best way to change the world is to start with yourself
and work your way from there.

About me: Who am I?

My name is Jan and I'm the founder of Aware Intellect.
I created this website at a time when I was experiencing some big changes & challenges in my life!

Jan C. Aware Intellect Founder

I was in Germany working 3 months as a exchange student
while finishing my applied psychology exams, with a constant
discomfort in me after seeing many people living like repetitious robots, and facing enormous fear that after 10 years from now I'll be one of them!

Meaning going to work, doing something you don't want to work,
eat, sleep... next day, guess what?
The same routine for years...

I had older colleagues in the workplace working
there for 8+ years.
(I worked in a Hospital in Munich where we served the patients food)

I loved most of them & working with them, but I was seeing in their eyes, they were suffering daily...

Talking with most of them and asking them a ton of questions
90% of their best time of the year answered to be August or October.

Because these are the only two months when they had vacations
(20-30 days) and can go on and do the things that really makes 
them happypursue their truthful interests & invest more time
with their families.

That was one of my key moments in life so far, when I said to my self...
I'll never settle for less! NEVER!
(that was still echoing after I returned to my homeland Macedonia)
I wanted to stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious &
without a choice!

Then, I Promised Myself:
"I'll acquire and learn so many skills, so i can put myself in
the position to really choose what I love doing in my life".

I became a ferocious consumer of personal development,
positive thinking & self-help books.
I've read over 100+ books in a year.

I was deeply interested and already with a solid knowledge
in the powers of the mind, inner growth, and human behavior.
(plus learned about consumer behavior, social media marketing
and content marketing, online)when I founded & started Aware Intellect.

I used every available moment to read and study, and to practice & experience what I learned.
(That means skip Friday & Saturday out most of the weekdays)

Next thing you know 5-6 months forward I get an email "do you coach?",
and I gotta be honest at that time I had no clue how
that process even look like... But guess what?
I've learned! 
Following a simple principles from Jim Rohn, I began
to advise people from Canada via Skype, I didn't earn
as much money but it was fulfilling & enough to support myself.

After that, Cha-ching... I was hired to do direct sales presentations,  
speaking & offering health related products, worked around 10 months (conquered my fear of public speaking) and I was on the next one again!

Long story short...I started doing social marketing & branding awareness
for companies, next you know I was offering household water systems
throughout different towns around my Country and what not...

Now you might ask, why the hell you kept switching jobs?
Because I wanted to experience everything and see what suits me,
learn everything that interests me &
I wanted to raise my level of knowledge! (still want).

And I was constantly experiencing uncomfortable & painful moments,
(fun anecdotes as well) and learning the basics why people
do what they do, understanding their body language,
movement, psychology.

And then, one day while writing a post (inconsistently at that time)
it struck me what I really enjoy doing & what I've been missing!

It was the basic human need to share & contribute!


Slowly I molded my life purpose!
To serve and promote self-awareness & healthy mind, and
prevent emotional suffering with better conscious choices in life!

My WHY for starting this site is the burning desire in me 
to contribute In Meaningful ways, connect with like-minded people
and stimulate Higher Self-Awareness!


I found this site on Bing, and I'm amazed by
the eye-opening content this guy is producing!
It's kinda cool & fun learning to understand
myself now. (I'm 44)

Hellen Smith

Inspired by the life of many leaders autobiographies I've read, 
life has been a journey with never ending learning so far!

In short, I define myself as obsessed explorer of Life and its Meanings 
that dived into the topic of Self-Awareness.

I'll continue to share the experience & wisdom of great thinkers, philosophers & successful people, and my own experience,
social adventures, experiments and acquired knowledge
throughout my life so far!

My interest in writing and publishing articles comes from 
potential to help other people explore their own lives.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Ancient Greek maxim “Know Thyself” and Socrates observation that the unexamined life isn’t worth living.

To keep this blog better for you the reader, I'll keep adding content, to the topics I see fit.

But, you as the reader have all the power.
I want you to let me know what you want to see more often
here on Aware Intellect.

Feel free to message me suggestions for topics or
questions you need answers for.

Together we can make powerful positive additions to our lives.

You can find me on: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Quora, Pinterest

AwareIntellect.com is ad-free platform, no annoying sponsored postsor lousy banners constantly distracting your attention!
(2019-2020 at least)

The only source of income of this site is from affiliate links.
(You can donate if you like & respect the work I'm putting in,
contact me for info)

I wish you great enjoyment and benefit from this website.

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Thanks for visiting, your lad
Jan C.