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Good Morning Thoughts To Gain Extra Energy

Good Morning Thoughts can elevate you and make your day extraordinary!
But you should be aware of some of the mistakes many people made, right after they woke up in the morning.

Crucial Morning Mistakes To Avoid!

It’s crucial to be Self-Aware & start the day without some
of the limitations & distractions we face.

good morning thoughts

Below I’ll discuss some of the Morning Mistakes I’ve been doing
for a long time, what I’ve Learned from them &
how my Life Improved once I deleted them from my life.

1. Starting Your Day With Negative News

This was happening to me 7-8 months ago.
Whenever I’ve had breakfast in the morning I will turn up the TV
for 10 minutes, just so until I finished my breakfast.
I don’t watch Television at all otherwise.

So I noticed because all you have there is heated debates and
news about incidents and deaths etc.
This was influencing me to be more nervous, unfocused, my mind was poisoned from the morning and some days I was feeling unproductive
to do even the simplest things.

You may say: That’s only 10minutes, what bad can happen to you?
Be Self-Aware especially in the mornings, with what information
you feed your brain I’ll advise you,
because in my case these 10 minutes were impacting my
whole day and how I feel.

Note: Be Careful what you watch or do right before you’re going to bed
at night as well.
It has a little different effect on your brain but that’s a
discussion for another time.

2. Don’t Touch Your Phone
1st Hour Of The Day

Touching your phone in the first hour of the day is ridiculous BAD!

We do it all the time & we do it out of habit. (Admit it)

good morning thoughts

This way you’re learning and developing muscles of distraction and you are training your Brain to be Reactive.

With new technology, human attention goes down because we have these smart devices with every like, share, comments, video, etc.

This rush you to always be looking for the newest thing or the
latest affair and every time you get a dopamine fix.

That’s where the real problems start to pile up because the largest brands or platforms have already employed guys who will work hard
on how they can capture your attention, how they can
make you addicted to their app, game, page or whatever.
(That’s little creepy I know, but it’s Truth)

It’s training you to be addicted and adjust to distraction,
it’s a training & rewiring your brain to be reactive.

good morning thoughts

What is That Meaning?

Meaning that you’re in this relaxed state of awareness when you first wake up, Then you grab your cell phone & do these morning mistakes:

  • check texts & SMS,
  • open emails,
  • check your Facebook,
  • take a picture of your feet post it on Facebook or whatever,
  • Tweet something on the rush,
  • Check Instagram for Hearts and stuff etc.

Now you feel really connected to everything that’s known in your life.
But the reality is you just adjust to the perceived reality.

In this hypnotic state, you bring yourself that only YOU are responsible for, will affect you as time goes by and you can never have a quality life.

3. Do You Complain Right From The Start?

Seriously a lot of people love to wake up in the morning and complain.
This is one of the worst morning mistakes!

They complain about:

  • how early it is,
  • they complain about having to go to work,
  • they complain about how tired they feel,

The problem with complaining is the words that you choose to use,
the way that you choose to express yourself actually has a
destroying effect on your state of mind and your level of motivation.good morning thoughts

Instead of waking up complaining, why not having beautiful
good morning thoughts, be grateful for some positive event you expect to happen to you today?

I choose to prime myself for 5-7 minutes right after I woke up.

It makes you focused and more in control from the start.

I started to practice this so-called “prime” techniques they have on sounds true with audio subliminal motivation while I’m working out.

4. You are Your Pattern & Decision Creator

When You Wake Up in the morning the next 10-20 minutes are crucial
how you’ll feel the whole day.
Most people wake up in the morning and they begin to think
about their problems, work schedules, obligations, etc.good morning thoughts

Next, they go through a series of repeated memorized behaviors like get out of bed on the same side, get a cup of coffee, get dressed, drive to work the same way, do the same things,  they see the same people, etc.

If You Think about it it becomes like a program,
so now we can say they’ve lost their Free Will.

There is good research by Dr. Joe Dispenza who says:
95% of who we are by the time we are 35 years old is a memorized
set of behaviors emotional reactions and habits, hard-wired beliefs
and perceptions that function like a computer program.

So when a person can say with their 5 percent of their conscious mind:
I want to be healthy, happy, I need to be free
I want my life to have a purpose, but the body is on a whole
different program.

After You wake up you’re being defined by your thoughts,
so when your body wants to switch back to its emotional past
of what’s already known & automated,
you practice becoming Self-Aware and experience new thoughts
along the way, meaning try not to do anything out of daily habit.

Why Practice To Be Self-Aware?

Because your attention is on that emotion and where you place your attention is where you place your energy, so putting your energy out of the present moment into the past will harm you and you gotta practice that and be Self-Aware of yourself and your actions.

good morning thoughtsBecause it will be hard to change the way “you’re programmed“,
and what you constantly did for long periods of time.

The first 5-10 days, for some, may even hit up a big wall of anxiety
and similar symptoms, but this is where your True Willpower & Willingness should appear and you should constantly remind yourself that these unpleasant and unknown moments will pass & you’re doing this for your own good, creating lasting changes for yourself!

Good Morning With Prayers

It’s already scientifically proven that good morning thoughts
such as Prayer, affirmations & positive talking to yourself, can have enormous effect and impact on yourself!

Some of the best good morning thoughts:

Somewhere, someone else is happy with less than you have!

Opportunities are everywhere.
It’s up to me to find or create them and make things happen.

Rise up, start fresh see the bright opportunity each day!

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning!

Smile at strangers, slow down, say thank you, laugh and
give compliments today, people deserve your kindness.

Good morning thoughts I want to have for today are to be loving, caring, respectful to others, helping as much as I can, Living fully & growing.

Make today ridiculously amazing! You know you can do that!

Each morning we are born again…
What we do today is what matters the most!

I Opened Two Gifts This Morning They Were My Eyes!

I wanna ask you… What are your good morning thoughts?

Useful Audio Resources:
Positive Thoughts Boost Free MP3 Subliminal
– Brain Power, Law of Attraction Free Download


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