Readers Are Leaders One Wise Man Said!
Books That Transformed My Life!
-Added as I Read Them-


Napoleon Hill attempts to uncover the secrets to freedom and success by evaluating the greatest obstacles that humans face in order to attain their personal goals in life.
Pretty Intense Book

One of the first Books that really opened my eyes & mind!
Growth vs Fixed Mindset Challenges!
Must Read Book!

David Really knows about the brain & its Functions.
One of the Best Books Brain-related.

The Man who was ridiculed by Doctors and haven't got the traditional education, but discovered great things.
Pure example what a self-taught human with a strong Desire can achieve.

This Giant Knows what he's preaching.
I had 8-10 "Aha" Moments reading
this book.
(it's a long book tho 500+ pages)
Every page is worth reading!

This is Crazy!
Imagine You're Sitting with the Smartest & Wealthiest People in the World, and they're telling You Life-Lessons & Tips.
This book will get you close to that!

Simon Sinek is one of the best thought leaders.
His ability to explain the core value of your Why will open new doors for You!

This is a Classic, Probably the Most Famous Book There is in the World!

The Best Beginner Meditation book, simple, basic, awesome.
For those who don't know where to Start!

This Woman Deserves the Respect of everyone.
She's a proof herself that when adversity moments come you're responsible to thrive!

Jocko is one tough motherf****er,
This Book will pump you up and get you going. Plus You'll see the benefits of waking up at 4 am!

One of my favorite books because it helped me when I was Emotionally at my lowest in my life.
I Strongly Recommend for emotionally drained folks!

One of the best books explaining how Your Self-Image can impact or destroy your life.
Practical solutions and very good observations from Dr. Maltz

Awesome explaining of our state of consciousness called flow.
How you can tap there,
What is our subconsciousness
responsible for, this book makes it to the top!

How to Conduct With Other People,
How to Conduct and recognize yourself and a ton of other useful stuff!
This book is gold!

Problems arise when we forget that the dream is just a dream and fall victim to believing that we have no control
over it.
Don Miguel argues that everything is in our hands and I believe him!

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