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Knowing Yourself Is The Key to Emotional Freedom

 Why is knowing yourself such a prestigious thing?

“Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is a strength, mastering yourself is true power.”

From Tao Te Ching(Book):

What Exactly Means Knowing Yourself?

By knowing yourself, you are able to make better choices in your life,

from small decisions like how should you spend your day,
big decisions like which partner you’ll spend your life with,
how to interpret behavior and actions from others and so on.

However, when you know yourself, you’ll have the insight to know
which values and tasks activate your willpower.
You’ll have tolerance and understanding of others,
and you can easily empathize with others.
knowing yourself

If your outside actions are in place with your inside
feelings and values, you will experience less inner conflict.

With every phase in life, we change and evolve,
and if all goes as planned, we shouldn’t be
the same person we were 5 years ago.

Knowing yourself is a journey

The good news about this “time investment” is that
it allows you to really grow in the relationship with yourself.

It’s not a quick fix, but it is a true grounding in who you are,
what you believe and what’s important to you.

it’s about discovering who you really are as a human being.
The journey is unpredictable and engages
you deeply with 
your self-doubts,
deepest fears & insecurities.

Knowing yourself means revealing the deeper truth
of who you are, by being aware of your core values,
dreams and priorities, that is what really matters to you.

To be truthful, it’s up to you to decide for yourself
the importance of really knowing yourself and it takes
courage and willpower to climb the steps slowly but steady.

Part of knowing who you are is about discovering
what makes you feel good.

We all grow up with beliefs and values that are created in us
by our schools, parents, our friends.

As we grow up, it can be very tricky to stick with some of these
values and never really consider questioning whether or not
you still believe in them or if there is any truth in them.
knowing yourself

Knowing yourself means to challenge your own opinions and beliefs,
especially the ones who entered your life in your early age.

Amazing Tool- Writing

Just think of your writing as your mental healing camp.
It will be one of the most important factors that will change your life.

Write it, visualize it and take action.
Realize & embrace the importance of change.

By revealing things from your past that you’ve potentially
hidden in your subconscious mind,
you’ll see patterns and you’ll have the opportunity
to learn more about yourself.

Self-knowledge means, first of all, seeing the pattern.
Pay attention to how our words affect others tho, because
we often say critical things that can negatively impact others.

Self Knowing Technique

Try this self-knowing technique, which is made of four fields.
Grab a paper and divide it into 4 segments:
Known Field – The characteristics which you know
about yourself and so do others.

Facade – What is only known to you.
The characteristics which you do not showcase
openly fall in this category.

Blindspot – The attributes you are not aware of, but your close friends
or somebody else sees that you possess an incredible talent for something or
you have a consistent bad habit.
This blind spot is a very essential region, so pay attention here.

Unknown – Now, this region is where your untapped potential lies.
Your subconscious intelligence is here.
This is where you need to dig deep to get that limitless capacity
to realize your dreams and purpose of life.

The only way to really knowing yourself is to spend time with yourself.
A lot of time. Alone time. Get out there in nature or somewhere quiet.

Don’t let yourself to be distracted.
Do this for as long as it takes.

Self Knowing Fundamental Questions:

When do I most respect myself?
Am I excited to be doing what I’m doing now?
How can I speed up the process of getting where I want?
What are my biggest strengths and weaknesses?
Who are things I’m proud of?
What do I wish I could change about myself?
How do I treat others?

I bet you can think of many more.
Don’t lie to yourself.

However, people often cannot advance forward because they are frozen
between who they are and who they want to be.
Do not answer what you want to be, but who you are right now.

My Take:

Every morning I ask myself minimum 3 questions
and answer them on paper.
The subjects are different- from the next step to take in my business,
through my core values and what’s important to me in this period,
to the meaning of my life in this period,
what is the best way I can improve Today etc.

The point is that It’s already a habit & I do it every day.
The ideas and creative thoughts coming from
answering some tough questions are priceless for me!

Life on Autopilot can Harm You!

Every event in your life may be a lesson about yourself.
Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re on autopilot.
We react instead of act.

Don’t pay attention to our thoughts, motives, and emotions.
We tend to judge, label, categorize which is the
basic version of the human brain.

Living in this fast-paced world today, you have less time
by yourself to think about the important things in life.

But this is not only a shame, but it’s also dangerous.
Because when you don’t give yourself the time to really understand who you are,
your decisions in life will affect you.

Final Words:

As you explore yourself, the more experiences you’ll have,
and the more experience you’ll have, the more
you’ll start to really knowing yourself.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”
The gold quote attributed to Socrates.

In my case, I still have a lot to learn & explore about myself
that will only be revealed in time.

By spending more time within yourself,
you can learn a lot, that’s why I think investing in
yourself is the best ROI.

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