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    Welcome to Aware Intellect Resources section.


    I'll share with you all the stuff I actively use, tried & recommend.

    • Healthy Mind & Body courses
    • Higher Self-Awareness websites & courses
    • Free Online Gold Stuff I Personally Use


    higher awareness

    This website have amazing self-awareness and psychological topics, & books.

    sounds true website

    My Go-to Website for books & audio material.
    I check at least 2 times weekly their site.

    The ultimate source of satisfaction in life is to recognize yourself as consciousness.
    If you miss that, then no matter what you achieve in life, it is not going to make you happy for very long.  -Eckhart Tolle-

    amy pattee colvin

    I love reading Amy's posts, she goes deep on how to cultivate peace of mind, resilience and
    live every day with acceptance and compassion!

    Brian Tracy course

    Brain Tracy has revolutionized the way I function!

    I've taken Personal Success Made Simple Course, & Highly recommending it
    especially for Goals Setting Strategy!


    blinkist free trial

    I love Blinkist because I get to outsource time with them when I'm running.
    Listening and learning new
    stuff smoothly!
    Give it a shot at their
    Free Trial 7 Days Offer

    grammarly free trial

    The best grammar checker tool online,
    you can write everything & the best part...
    It's FREE to use.

    amazon audible free

    Get Full 30 days Free Trial Membership
    on Amazon and Listen To Your Favorite Books.
    The World's Largest Library of Audiobooks!

    subliminal audio

    Science has proven that subliminal messages
    can help you change any area of your life.

    You can download Subliminal songs from this website for free delivered in your Email.

    hypnosis songs

    Hypnosis audio sounds to kick-off your day!

    Choose what's your category and receive
    free MP3 delivered in your Email. 


    After 3 Years of struggling to adjust
    my mornings, Stefan showed me
    how in 7 days with simple steps
    I can wake up at 5 am every
    & plan my day!

    One of the first online courses
    investments I've made.

    I simply love Jack Canfield & the way he teaches.
    He's been helping people achieve extraordinary goals for over 30 years.

    In this course he teaches
    how one can achieve Extraordinary life!

    Meditation helps you improve your self-awareness,
    your ability to let go, and helps you gain mastery
    over your mind.
    The course contains in-dept guided meditation for beginners.

    deep awareness

    6 weeks deep awareness program
    to expand your Self-Awareness.
    For people who want to rediscovery &
    better knowledge of themselves!

    bob proctor 6 minutes

    Bob Proctor knows what he's preaching!

    In his course 6 Minutes success: Results that stick he explains different fields of successful life!

    Back in 2014-16 I've faced panic attacks from crowded places, mostly because I'm introvert
    by nature, but this was starting to cause me some real problems & limits and
    I stopped going out frequently. 

    The solution I found searching incidentally online is this guy Barry McDonagh, an expert on this field working more that 12 years on this topic, that dramatically helped me!

    let go of anger

    Forgive yourself let go of regret & negative self-talk,
    Develop compassion for yourself and for others!

    Health secrets

    You need the Truth.
    The result of leading scientific research and the latest medical findings.
    The REAL secrets to fantastic health.

    stress managment

    Stress Managment Course!

    Become less reactive, less irritable and less triggered, and create a more conscious, calm & empowered self.

    NLP mastery

    Learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic
    Programming in 30 days!

    Website TOOLS:

    site ground

    If you want to start website Site Ground has ridiculous price, automatic one click
    WordPress Blog installation.
    They provide outstanding customer service.


    Reverse Osmosis Water System

    Most of the water we consume nowadays is far from clean & quality!
    RO is the permanent solution for drinking clean water in your home!
    (I'm using one since June, 2016)