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On this page, I will briefly tell you about myself,
my Goals and the Purpose of this Blog.


I Want to Empower You the Seeker & Reader Visiting
This Website by Providing you with Knowledge &
Information (Food for The Mind),
so that You’ll Be In Best Possible Mental Shape
to Thrive, Advance and Reach Your Goals.

Aware Intellect Founder

About Me: Hey There!

My Name Is Jan Chapkunoski,
I have spent most of my life in Macedonia,
a country of which I’m sure many of you
have never even heard.

However, Macedonia is home to 2 million Amazing People.
You can have a look at the map to find out
where it’s located (hint: it’s in South-Eastern Europe).

Aware Intellect

I Define Myself as Obsessed Explorer of Life
and its Meanings, Passionate Writer That Have Dived
Into The Topic of Self-Awareness,
Personal Development and Achievement
& Immersed Myself Over The Past 5 Years.

There’s a Burning Desire in me to Help Other People &
Contribute In Meaningful Ways and Connect With Like-Minded People.

I Write & Animate Videos About Things That Have Positive
Life-Changing Effect & Impact On My Life, as wellHometown Lake
People (Present & Past) & Books That
had Transformational Impact on me.

(If You’re reading this & we’re Sharing some
similar values & Interests Dm-me,
maybe we can work together and
create something Amazing.)

If You Like You Can Download for FREE:
The 7 Secrets Tools For Mental Freedom!

Level up Bjj

I Consider Myself As a Student,
who’s trying to Implement What I Have Learned &
Learn From My Own Mistakes & Experience
and Constantly Figuring Out
How To Build A Better Fulfilling Life For Me,
As Well For Those Around Me.

In short, I Write About:

Self-Awareness & Self Knowledge

-Wonders & Miracles of our Minds

-How our Brains Function

-Understanding our Behaviors & Emotions

-Overcoming the Self-imposed
limitations of Fear & Doubt.

-Thoughts & Affirmations Towards More Fulfilled Life

Why This Site Exist?

This Community Exists for You!
To Raise Self-Awareness,
Educate & Help People to

Control Their Lives Better.
Aware Intellect Goals: Connect With Like-Minded People
Main Goal: Connect & Impact 5 Million People Worldwide
by 2020 and Bring Positive Life-Changing Moments to them.


Through Sharing, Discovering,
Explaining & Practicing the Knowledge,
Experience & Wisdom of Many Great Thinkers,
Philosophers & Successful People.

As Well My Own Daily Experience and
Acquired Knowledge Throughout My Life.

This Site, Its Content, and the Animation Videos
on Youtube are My Work In Progress & I’m Writing
and Sharing What 
I Have Discovered So Far.

Where To Go From Here?Aware Intellect Founder

1. You Can Check My Youtube Animated Videos
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-I’m Not a Therapist and No Information
On this SIte (Aware Intellect) Should Be Construed
As Psychological Advice.
I Give No Guarantees And If You Have
Serious Problems, Please Seek Professional Help.

-Aware Intellect participates in the Amazon Services
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In more Human terms, this means that whenever
you buy a book on Amazon from a link on here,
I get a small percentage of its price,
with no additional cost for you.
That helps support Aware Intellect to maintain the site
and keep the lights on, and is very much appreciated.

Aware Intellect Do Not Support Any Kind Of Politics
Or Religious Views Or Opinions Discussing On The Site.

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