Tips To Quick Cure Depression

 [Cure Depression]

1.Learn as much as you can
about your depression

It takes time to Cure Depression and finding the right treatment.
It might take some trial to find the treatment and support that works best for you.
Consider why you might feel depressed.
Join Forums and Communicate & research other people’s solutions.

If you decide to pursue therapy it may take a few attempts
to find a therapist that you really click with.
Be open to change and a little experimentation.

Depression Moments

2. Move your body

Exercise releases happy-making endorphins,
which act as natural anti-depressants and can
go along way to Cure Depression.

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Regular exercise can be as effective in treating depression.
Not only does exercise boost serotonin, endorphins, Dopamine
and other feel-good brain chemicals, it triggers the growth
of new brain cells and connections, just like antidepressants do.

Best of all, you don’t have to train for a marathon in order to reap the benefits.
Even a half-hour daily walk can make a big difference.
For maximum results, aim for 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity on most days.

3. Nutrition

Eat & be happy

Eating well is important for both your physical and mental health.
Eating small, well-balanced
meals 5-7 times throughout the day
will help you keep your energy up and minimize mood swings.

While you may be drawn to sugary foods for the quick boost they provide,
complex carbohydrates are a better choice.
They’ll get you going without the all-too-soon sugar crash.
Never skip a meal.

Keeping your blood sugar stable reduces mood swings.
Avoid caffeine, which reduces serotonin levels.
Take Magnesium every day.

Your body cannot produce magnesium,
so it’s Important to supplement yourself daily.
Plus Magnesium feeds your brain functions.

4. Social network problem

Spending too much time on social networks daily
can accumulate big problems for you in the future.

Statistics show that people who spend 6+ hours
daily on social media are developing momentarily
increased dopamine every time they spend time
on Social Media because we give signals to
our brain about constant expectations of
some new things happening.

This “Fake Building” of  Dopamine can get you
in a big trouble further, because we give
false signals to our Brain.
Social Media Problem

Human Behaviour Study

A study published online in Computers in Human Behavior
on December 10, 2016, found that the use of multiple
social media platforms are more strongly associated
with depression and anxiety among young adults than time spent online.

These findings come from a national survey of 1,787 young
adults that asked about their use of 11 popular
social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit,
Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, and LinkedIn.

The analysis showed that people who reported using the
most platforms (seven to 11) had more than
three times the risk of depression and anxiety
opposed to people who used the least amount (zero to 2 platforms).

What Does This mean?

So it is crucial to be aware of the time you spend
on Social Networks and how you spend it also.
Because if you not spending time learning new stuff,
your self about 100 different things
and hobbies that are free and available now
on the internet, and instead, you just watch
and observe how other people live their life’s
and what are they doing
, you simply choose not to live yours.

Outside Social Interaction

-Social support

Strong social networks reduce isolation,
a key risk factor for depression.

Keep in regular contact with friends, spend time
with your family, or consider joining a class
or group or try something new you always wanted to.

You Can Try These Tips [Works on anybody]

is a wonderful way to get social support
and help others while also helping yourself.
Do something new.

When you’re depressed, you’re in a hole.
Try in any way to escape that hole.
(By Hole I mean our Comfort Zone)

-Push yourself to do something different.
Pick up a book and read it on a park bench.
Take a language class.
Learn Karate or Jiu-jitsu.

When we challenge ourselves to do something different,
there are chemical changes in the brain.
Trying something new alters the levels of dopamine,
which is associated with pleasure, enjoyment, and learning.

Try to have fun.
If you’re depressed, make time for things you enjoy.

What if nothing seems fun anymore?
 That’s just a symptom of depression.
You have to keep trying anyway.

Care for a pet.
While nothing can replace the human connection,
pets can bring joy and companionship into
your life and help you feel less isolated.

Caring for a pet can also get you outside of yourself
and give you a sense of being needed,
both powerful antidotes to depression.

Team Building


Closing Thoughts:

While you can’t force yourself to have fun
or experience pleasure, you can push yourself to do things,
even when you don’t feel like it.
You might be surprised at how much better
you feel once you’re out in the world.

Even if your depression doesn’t lift immediately,
you’ll gradually feel more upbeat and energetic
as you make time for fun activities.

Pick up a former hobby or a sport you used to like.
Express yourself creatively through music, art, or writing.

Go out with friends, have lunch or coffee with a friend,
spend some time in nature, take a long, hot bath,
take care of a few small tasks or come up
with a list of things that you can do for a quick mood boost.
The more “tools” for coping with depression, the better.

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Let us know and write us if we even make a little impact on your life?
Share If you’ve been in some similar situation and how you’ve dealt with it?
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