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Why Does Self Awareness Matter?

Because having personal Self Awareness can change your life,
the way you think, the way you live.
Normally you would say, but How?

self awareness discover

Below we’ll explore what Self Awareness truly means,
how to improve your own self awareness &
how to tell if you’re self-aware.
I will share some insights and discoveries that helped me
personally to change the way I Think, my views on Life
and growth as a person in the last 4 years.


 Self Awareness is the first step in taking control
of your life, creating what you want
, and mastering your future.
Where you choose to focus your energy, emotions,
personality and reactions determine
where you will end up in life.
Energy flows where attention goes.
What you focus on tends to grow.

  • Self Awareness is a critical tool to help you reach
    higher levels of job satisfaction,
  • become a better leader,
  • improve relationships with colleagues,
  •  manage your emotions better.
  • It’s also proven that has a positive impact
    with higher levels of overall happiness.

Luckily, self awareness can be practiced and cultivated,
that means it’s not a fixed trait.

1. Recognize Your Skills

(what you do well and what you need to improve)

When you focus on yourself, rather than your environment,
you compare yourself with your standards of truths.
These standards of truths specify how you ought to think,
feel, and behave.
They are, essentially, your beliefs and values, known as your Ideals.

Because for example, you might think you’re a good speaker
or lovely person to be in company with others,
but the truth may be that you’re Boring as F**k.

self awareness be honest with you
It could be that you are hurting someone,
especially hurting yourself, by the way of your speech,
actions, thoughts.

Recognizing your good vs bad skills is the key.
Normally when you KNOW that you need improvement
in some areas, most of us will automatically try to respond,
correct and improve in those areas.

Just take the time to analyze yourself, analyze how
other people are perceiving you.
Ask your family, friends, what annoys them most about you?
Ask them what are they enjoying the most about you?

You will feel pride or dissatisfaction depending on
the answers to these questions.
If you’re dissatisfied, don’t let stress and negative feelings
to attack you right away.
Make changes to your behavior and actions to better align
with your standards, simply because you got nothing to lose.

self awareness

So Are you willing to Recognize your
Strong-Weak Skills & Improve or Develop Them?

2. Spend Time With Yourself

  • It’s not easy to reflect on yourself when you’ve got the TV
    Draining your 4-5 hours daily precious time.
  • If you’re constantly on your phone, or
  • Out to dinner with friends with NO meaningful conversation.
  • You Must give yourself space & time to self-reflect,
    and be distraction free in those moments.

    What worked for me was I scheduled an exact time
    every day where I’m Self -Reflecting on what I’ve done,
    & what needs to be done that I love doing.
    Now in this time frame I give myself,
    I develop & Improve on:

  • reading,
  •  writing,
  •  meditation,
  • workout <20 minutes daily
  • going out at least 15 minutes with my dog,
  •  what do I love to Eat today.

These activities are all important to Connect with yourself.
Also by acquiring this as a habit,
you simply give your brain the information
what you want, love and enjoy doing.

Your Love & Interests doesn’t have to be similar to mine.
You know best what fits you and what you love doing.

self awareness happiness

Our Actions Are Connected With Our Thoughts

As you might know, we are acting out our thoughts.
The way we behave, act, react or feel is because
we are constantly telling ourselves something to behave,
act & react the way we do.
Being aware of this gives you an opportunity to make
changes in your behavior, beliefs & actions.

While you develop self awareness,
your own personal thoughts and interpretations
will begin to change.

This change in mental state will also alter
your emotions and increase your emotional intelligence,
which is an important factor in achieving
overall well-being & Feeling good about yourself.
self awareness journal

Your brain and your body will always send you clues,
all you need is the self awareness to read them!
It is wise to hear what we are saying to ourselves. Don’t You think?

Are you willing to spend more time with yourself after reading this?

3. Counseling

Self awareness has a huge role in the
therapeutic process of counseling.
When one is able & willing to gain a greater understanding
of themselves through the input of a Therapist,
it leads to self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-love, self-esteem.

self awareness assistance

Counseling is a journey of self-discovery,
as one observes their own thought patterns and how
they affect their mood and behavior.
Observing one’s own thoughts and feelings
builds self-knowledge, and doing this
with a counselor provides an objective &
truth opinion during the observation.

In addition to this, as I’m already a Certified Counselor &
Core believer that in helping others, You help yourself,
I would like to Assist or Help 10 Individuals for FREE,
( No Hidden Fees, Just You & Me Talking)
who have Difficulties Expressing their True Personal Identity, or
in need of any type of Self Awareness Assistance.

Simply E-Mail me at [email protected]
with the Subject: “Self Awareness Assistance”
In 2-4 sentences describe your situation.
(what kind of assistance you need)

If you’re not self-aware, you’ll cause more suffering to others.
This, in turn, will bring more suffering back to you.
If everyone becomes more self-aware,
there will be less suffering in the world.
And that’s a pretty good world, worth living, Don’t You Think?


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